Alaska Operations



Alaska Operations is the most visible aspect of the Goldbelt Incorporated family, as a majority of shareholders live in and around Juneau. The name of the company stands out on the uniforms of the security officers patrolling the State Office Building Complex, helping summer visitors cross the street, and on the boats transporting miners to and from Kensington gold mine.

Mt. Roberts Tramway

takes passengers from sea-level, 1800 feet up Mount Roberts for five months every summer. It is a sign that tourism season is in full-swing when the tram cars start operating each spring. Around 120 employees run the Timberline Bar and Grill, the Eagle Raven Gift Shop and Gallery, as well as give tours to groups who hike the trails above the tram sky bridge.

Goldbelt Seafoods

uses the ancestral land at Hobart Bay to help grow the next sustainable resource in southeast: geoduck clams. The mariculture project is developing a crop that will produce clams as heavy as two-pounds for processing and sale. The Seafoods LLC. processing plant in Sumner, Washington is already a leading supplier of sea urchin roe and sea cucumber meat. With the addition of geoducks, the processing plant will have supply available to markets in China, Japan, Canada and the United States every week of the year.

Goldbelt Seadrome Marina

the leading private cruise and private yacht moorage in the City and Borough of Juneau, located in the heart of downtown’s tourism district. The Seadrome building offers commercial office space for lease to tourism-related businesses operating throughout Southeast Alaska. 

Goldbelt Security

provides protective services, courier services, and real property observation and protection throughout Alaska. The company currently works in southeast, southcentral, and has successfully fulfilled contracts in the Interior, as well. The Security LLC. is working to become the preferred provider for security services in the state and is slowing expanding and growing to responsibly meet the needs of our communities and businesses.

Goldbelt Transportation

is another good steward of our regional resources, providing reliable and responsible transportation to the Kensington gold mine. The Majestic Fjord makes as many as four round trips per day to the mine, giving employees the best opportunity to support their families with a good career, while also being able to come home every night to see their loved ones.

Lands Management

section oversees the planning and development of ancestral lands to maximize benefit and opportunities for shareholders. These plans include forestry product development to electrical generation and future ferry terminals. The goal of Alaska Operations is to increase the quality of living in Juneau and the southeast region, lower the cost of goods and services, and provide family wage careers to shareholders and their descendants.

Goldbelt, Incorporated is an urban Alaska Native, for‐profit corporation headquartered in Juneau, Alaska. Incorporated on January 4, 1974 as a result of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), Goldbelt's primary purpose is to manage assets and conduct business for the benefit of its more than 3,600 shareholders.

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