Goldbelt Announced New CEO


During a July 9 shareholders meeting, the Native Corporation announced Elliot “Chuck” Wimberly would serve as its President and CEO, a position Wimberly has held in the interim since January.

Wimberly previously served as Goldbelt’s Senior Vice President since 2010 and filled the President and CEO role in the interim in 2011.

 “Chuck’s ability to lead our company is well-proven and he stood out through the interview process as the best candidate to accomplish the lofty goals set by the Board of Directors,” said Joseph Kahklen, Goldbelt Board Chairman, in a statement.

Wimberly brings with him 10 years of experience as a senior executive with Alaska Native Corporations, read his statement.

“I am excited to lead Goldbelt to new heights,” Wimberly said. “We have a strong team of dedicated employees who are focused on accomplishing the results set out by the board.”

Goldbelt shareholders also elected three directors to its board from a slate of 10 candidates. Incumbent Trudy Skan won reelection, and Lisa-Marie Ikonomov and Derek Duncan will be newcomers to the board. Ikonomov and Duncan will fill vacancies by Lori Grant and Kathy Polk, who chose not to seek reelection. Board members serve three-year terms.

Board members selected Joseph Kahklen as Board Chairman, Andrea Cadiente-Laiti as Vice Chair, Trudy Skan as Corporate Secretary and Randy Wanamaker as Treasurer.


Below are the total votes each candidate received:

Bill Abbott 27,718
Todd Patrick Antioquia 40,601
Gail Marie Dabaluz 34,536
Lisa-Marie Ikonomov 102,484
Ursula Jones 6,131
Mike Mann 13,921
Paul Marks 41,618
Lillian Petershoare 45,525
Trudy Ann Skan 51,574


On behalf of the Board of Directors we want to thank the shareholders who voted and attended the 42nd Annual Meeting, it was great to see you!


Goldbelt, Incorporated is an urban Alaska Native, for‐profit corporation headquartered in Juneau, Alaska. Incorporated on January 4, 1974 as a result of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), Goldbelt's primary purpose is to manage assets and conduct business for the benefit of its more than 3,600 shareholders.

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